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Asset Management

The Company´s activities in the field of Asset Management are based on our own investments in solar power plants in Italy. As an investor, enernovum succeeded by reducing the costs and taxes as well as by increasing income streams working against retroactive FIT cuts in Italy. This formed a large network, an indepth experience, and a specialized expertise. The achieved success motivated enernovum to expand its range of services.

The enernovum Asset Management is proactive and can be customized. Basically, it incorporates three sectors which can be served in modular configurations:

Technical Management

  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Active monitoring of error messages
  • Monitoring of maintenance services
  • Monitoring of security services
  • Handling of guarantees and warranties

Operational Management

  • Communicating with public contract partners (e.g. network operators, GSE)
  • Communicating with private contract partners like property owners, O&M partners and others
  • Archiving and filing of contracts and documentations
  • Handling of all periodical reports to public authorities

Financial Management

  • Coordinating of accounting and tax consultancy
  • Coordinating of external auditors and certifications
  • Auditing of the accounts and preparation of payment
  • Bank and financial reporting
  • Cash-flow monitoring