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Save Energy and Costs

Grid operators are obliged to deliver voltage within a certain tolerance. Voltage fluctuations of 207 - 253 volts are typical for national grids. Although they do not affect the functionality of electrical loads, they do affect your electricity bill.

With voltage stabilizers you can optimize the electrical voltage. The voltage regulator continuously measures the voltage supplied by the grid and stabilizes it to a voltage of approx. 210 volts. Through this voltage optimization you consume ließ electricity and Save costs.

Your benefits

  • Average savings of 15%
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Fast amortization of the investment
  • Reduction of CO2-emissions strengthens environmental sustainability in your company
  • No loss of convenience despite voltage reduction
  • Less heating for a longer life and lower maintenance costs of electrical equipment
  • Reliable electrical supply is always guaranteed thanks to the two bypasses