CCE and enernovum close financing with Kommunalkredit for project development in Italy (IT)

Ottobre 14, 2021
Ottobre 14, 2021 Enernovum

Moving forward, 14 photovoltaic projects with a total nominal capacity of 600 MWp, owned by CCE – Clean Capital Energy and enernovum become part of Kommunalkreditbank’s financing portfolio. All projects are currently under development by the photovoltaic specialists towards a ready-to-build status. The two companies were assisted in the contract negotiations by the internationally active law firms Dentons and Wolftheiss.

Garsten, 14th of October 2021. – In 2017, the photovoltaic experts CCE Group from Austria and enernovum from Germany joined forces and founded a joint venture in Italy. To date, they have been pursuing the goal of developing so-called “grid parity” projects. With financing from Kommunalkredit Austria AG amounting to 12 million euros, projects with a total nominal output of around 600 MWp can now be fully developed in the coming years. All projects are located in central and southern Italy and therefor in one of the sunniest regions of Europe.

Difficult investments for project development

The signing of the contract was a special achievement for the two managing directors Martin Dürnberger (CCE Group) and Jörg Menyesch (enernovum). “Despite the massive trend towards renewable energies, it is still challenging to find investors for project development. We are now all the happier about the closing of the financing with Kommunalkredit”, the two managing directors report.

A confident look into the future

In total, CCE Group and enernovum currently own a portfolio of project rights which equates to greater than 1.2 gigawatt peak in Italy. Investments in the development phase of projects make the actual construction of photovoltaic power plants possible. In order to achieve the EU’s ambitious climate targets, there are many investors needed whom, like Kommunalkredit Austria AG, are ready to support environmentally friendly technology as early as in the development phase. Only in this way can the expansion of renewable energies to be driven forward.


About CCE Group

The CCE Group GmbH was founded in Austria in 2010 and focuses on the development, realisation, financing and management of large open-space PV systems as well as private and commercial rooftop PV systems. With its solution-oriented approach, which reflects many years of experience along the entire value chain, the company aims to make an important contribution to the global energy turnaround. The CCE Group is headquartered in Garsten (Austria) and has offices located in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Chile. Worldwide, CCE implements solar projects with a total output of more than two Gigawatt peak in different phases of development. Around one hundred employees contribute daily to making these projects a reality.

About enernovum

The company enernovum GmbH & Co. KG was established in Germany in 2010 and concentrates on the development and management of large open-space PV systems in Europe with a focus on Italy. With its various services and products, the company makes a sustainable contribution to expanding energy generation from renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency and conserving existing resources. The company has it’s headquarter in Cologne (Germany) and is represented by two branches in Italy.