The enernovum management team works closely together at its German and Italian locations.


Jörg Menyesch (CEO)


Antonella Bontempo (Head of Project Development Italy)


Sandro Esposito (General Manager Italy)

Michael Puchalla 600 900 neu

Michael Puchalla (Head of Finance)


Leonetta Wichert (Head of Project Development Germany)

Milestones of the enernovum company development

2010: Foundation of enernovum GmbH with headquarters in Cologne
2011: First transactions in Italy
2012 – 2014: Expansion of the PV portfolio in Italy
2015: Expansion of the energy efficiency business fields in Germany and Italy

2016: Foundation of an operational unit in Italy and start of EPC business (rooftop commercial systems)
2017: CCEN joint venture of enernovum and Clean Capital Energy for grid parity development in Italy. Foundation of the office in Jesi (Ancona)
2021: Foundation of CCEN Germany with headquarters in Monheim

2021: Establishment of a portfolio with > 1.5 GW

2021: Foundation of the joint CCE Holding of enernovum and CCE

In addition to the respective company headquarters in Cologne and Monheim in Germany and Jesi and Bolzano in Italy, enernovum operates numerous plant locations in both countries:

In Germany, enernovum has so far located suitable sites mainly in the eastern federal states and is developing PV plants there. Currently, further options are being tested throughout Germany.

With its infrastructure, which is characterized by agriculture in many places, Italy offers very good location opportunities for PV plants. Enernovum therefore operates nature-adapted plants in numerous regions, which feed into the national power grid. Throughout Italy, enernovum is developing PV plants ranging from 10MWp-200MWp in size within its joint venture (CCEN). Further expansion is also planned.